Recurring Journal Entries

This is sub menu item under the Accounting menu Journal Entries.  Recurring Journal Entries allow the user to have amounts automatically post to accounts during the end of month.  Those entries are for expenses that happen every month for the same amount such as rent.

When the user first comes into the screen, the Recurring Journal Entry Listing displays at the top.  This listing contains each journal entry that the user has set up to be recurring.  If the user clicks on a particular item in the listing the general information about that journal entry displays under the General Information tab below.

Field Descriptions for General Information Tab

Field Descriptions

Group Code - A code created by user to identify this group of journal entries.  An alpha numeric field.

Description - Freeform field to describe this group.

Accounting Entity - Drop down of Accounting Entities in the system.

General Ledger - Drop down selection of General Ledgers in the system attached to the accounting entity. (this will determine the correct general ledger being effected.)

Frequency - Radio buttons of: Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually, Annual

Start Date - Date formatted field.  Indicates on what date this group for journal entries becomes effective to start being triggered by the system.  The system then looks at the frequency to actually trigger the journal entry based off this start date.

End Date - Date formatted field.  Indicates on what date this group for journal entries ends.  After this date the system no longer triggers this group to be performed.

Date last Processed - Defaults by the system and cannot be changed by the user.  Is updated to the last date the system automatically ran this group.

Button Functions