Check Number Tracking

The check-writing program found under the Accounting module, sub-module Disbursements, will now allow the user to select any unused check number for the specified account from the Check Number look up screen.  The change was made in the April 2005 build on incident 10343.

  1. Open the Checks Listing in the Accounting module and select the item to view its Check/Electronic Information tab.

  2. Click on the look-up selection icon next to Check Number field on the Check/Electronic Information tab.  The Check Number Search pop-up window appears.

  3. Define a range in which you want to search skipped check numbers.

  4. Click on Search button.  The skipped check numbers will display in the lister.

  5. Double click on the check number you want to use.  The search screen will close and the selected check number will be populated into the check number field.  Once a check number has been used it will no longer appear on the look up.

Program Allows Duplicate Check Numbers

The program also has been changed to allow check numbers to be duplicated if indicated in the general ledger setup.

  1. Go to Maintenance/Accounting Setup/General Ledger.

  2. Select the account number from the appropriate general ledger and go to the Banking Information tab.

  3. There is a new checkbox labeled Allow Duplicate Check Number.  If this box is checked the user will be able duplicate check numbers between EbixASP checks and Pre-printed checks.