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    The version of the ACORD viewer you are downloading will allow you to view and edit ACORD XFDL files that you may have received from others.  If you desire to use ACORD’s forms in XFDL file format directly, please contact ACORD on the method of obtaining the correct ACORD forms in XFDL format you require. You may do this via ACORD’S website at

    This version of the viewer will allow you to combine ACORD Forms in XFDL format together into one complete application.  You may then convert to PDF and save, or email the PDF or print directly to your printer.  Please be aware you may not save combined XFDL files together as a new XFDL file.  However, you are able to save individual ACORD XFDL files and reopen and edit.


Open an ACORD 125 XFDL file in the viewer (appears as a tab in the viewer) - start entering data and you are able to save this file to your hard drive or network drive.

Open an ACORD 125 XFDL file in the viewer (appears as a tab in the viewer) and then add ACORD 140 XFDL file (appears as a second tab in the viewer) - start entering data. Because there are multiple files in the viewer, you will NOT be able to save locally or on your network.  However, you CAN convert to one PDF file and save.

    There are many additional features available in the full version of Ebix eForms. For information on purchasing the full version that allows the saving and re-editing of combined ACORD fillable forms into one file and also provides the actual ACORD XFDL files, please contact To see an outline of the differences between the ACORD viewer version and the full version of the Ebix eForms software, click here.

Ebix shall provide support on the Ebix eForms viewer application by contacting Ebix at Please put “ACORD Ebix eForms viewer” in the subject line.

However, any questions or issues with specific ACORD eForms (XFDL) should be directed to ACORD.

    If, in the past, you had used the older ACORD Viewer known as ‘Pure Edge’,you may have files saved that could be usable in Ebix eForms. In order to use those files, the extension of ‘.XFD’ that they carry must be changed to ‘.XFDL’. You can use standard Windows functionality to change these file extensions, if necessary.

    Please note that, if you have any difficulties installing Ebix eForms, it may be that it needs to be installed using Administrator privileges.We have also seen several instances of the eForms installation being unsuccessful due to its’ inability to access Microsoft’s Visual Basic Power Pack software.This software is a standard Microsoft piece and should already exist on your PC.If you receive a message about this during installation, please review your PC’s security settings; something in these settings (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall, etc…) is stopping the eForms installation program from ‘seeing’ the MS Visual Basic Power Packs software.

    The Ebix eforms free viewer version is intended to be used by an individual agent or broker who is a member of ACORD Advantage program. It may NOT be distributed to additional users within your organization. If you have a need for this type of distribution, please contact for more information.